Iowa mandating nurses

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Iowa mandating nurses

Strategic planning But even if mandatory overtime were prohibited nationwide, that wouldn’t be the complete solution.

Optimally, healthcare facilities should strive to eliminate the need for overtime by having enough nursing staff available.

One study found that nurses who weren’t dissatisfied or burned out were more likely to stay on the job. Marcia Faller is Chief Nursing Officer and Executive Vice President of Operations at AMN Healthcare in San Diego, California.

Reducing overtime and eliminating mandatory overtime can decrease a primary cause of nurse attrition.

Some states have enacted laws to curb mandatory overtime—but this is just one step.

Getting to the root of nurse dissatisfaction Nurses leave their jobs for various reasons, some of which aren’t related to job dissatisfaction.

Hospitals constantly recruit nurses to replace those who leave, but they should try to minimize resignations stemming from job dissatisfaction.

Forcing a nurse who may already be fatigued to work beyond her scheduled shift increases the likelihood of patient harm.

A fatigued nurse is more apt to make errors; the risk of errors triples when nurses work more than 12½ consecutive hours.

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They can do this only through strategic staffing planning based on a thorough understanding of their goals and objectives—in conjunction with dedicating resources to long-term solutions, such as new nurse graduate programs, internal training programs for specialty units, foreign nurse recruitment, and appropriate use of temporary staff.

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