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Dating deal breakers: While love and marriage are on the mind, deal breakers do exist for this group.

The top 3 dating deal breakers for 50 singles are someone who smokes (70%), someone who is not financially stable (63%), and someone who is pessimistic (58%).

One of these is that they can affect the current direction of sexual selection by influencing who is differentially excluded from and who is included in mating.

Sex differences in human mate preferences: Evolutionary hypotheses tested in 37 cultures. Shackelford TK, Schmitt DP, Buss DM (2005) Universal dimensions of human mate preferences. Mate preferences acquire importance in at least three scientific contexts.

Anti-immigrant attitudes are related to stronger in-group preferences among natives.

Unexpectedly, non-Arabic minority daters belonging to large-size communities have strong preferences for Europeans.

Dating dilemmas: 50 singles agree that the top 3 most difficult aspects of dating after 50 are finding someone to date (61%), asking someone out on a date (38%), and getting to know someone before asking them out on a date (33%).

More than ⅓ (38%) are nervous about a first kiss or sign of affection during the date.

Top partner attributes: The top 3 attributes that are more important in a partner for 50 singles now compared to when they were in their 20s are: health (31%), finances (30%), and outlook on life (29%).

More than two million members have joined Our Time in the last year, and thousands of singles credit the site with introducing them to someone special.

Knowledge about how race governs partner selection has been predominantly studied in the United States, yet it is unclear whether these results can be generalized to nations with different racial and immigration patterns.

Using a large-scale sample of online daters in nine European countries, we engage in the first cross-national analysis of race-related partner preferences and examine the link between contextual factors and ethnic selectivity.

We provide a unique test of contact, conflict, and in-group identification theories.

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Only 6% find someone who was never married a deal breaker.