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Tools of a similar culture dating from 2,000 years ago were also found there.These and other sites in the state reflect the diverse cultural forms that evolved after prehistoric migrations from northeastern Asia.Marmes Rock Shelter, in arid eastern Washington, has yielded a 10,000-year sequence of tools left by hunters and gatherers along with some of the oldest well-documented skeletal remains in the Western Hemisphere.The Ozette site, on the Olympic Peninsula, has a unique collection of well-preserved clothing, basketry, and harpoons of people who fished and hunted seals and whales 500 years ago.Aquatic sports are popular on many lakes and rivers and especially on Puget Sound.

The state’s first professional sports team, the National Basketball Association’s Seattle Super Sonics, began play in 1968 and won a league championship in 1979.

In July 1996 human remains believed to date to about 9,400 years ago were discovered near Kennewick; the specimen is known to scientists as explored the Washington area, they encountered a number of Native American tribes, the most prominent being the Chinook, the Coast Salish, the Nez Percé, and the Yakima.

The early history of Washington and of the Northwest is intertwined with efforts to find the Northwest Passage, the development of the fur trade with East Asia, and the attempts of Roman Catholic and Protestant missionaries to convert the Native Americans.

Among the major art galleries and museums, the Seattle Art Museum has extensive collections of Asian art.

The Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum on the University of Washington’s Seattle campus has an important collection relating to Pacific Northwest Indians.

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Also of interest are the Museum of History and Industry and the Pacific Science Center, both in Seattle.

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