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His friend Ray has found a good site for a ski resort in Utah, and Monte comes to bid on the land, ...

See full summary » The warden of a small, rundown, minimum-security prison plots revenge against the prison's dishonest owner by having four inmates break out and plan a department store robbery to spruce up the prison's faculties.

All those people who said that it was the worst movie they've seen, live a very sheltered life!

All the play on humour, stupid jokes, make this movie awesomely funny.

An independent board runs the affairs of the organization.

The board is appointed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

If there was a word that could describe this movie it would be funnyrifictastic!

Everytime I watch this movie, I pick up something I didn't see before.

Things to do in karachi view map map satellite map updates devils point 22 reviews #23 of 99 things to do in karachi beaches.See more » This has got to be one of the best movies I've seen.You should only watch it if you're in the mood for a good parody.See full summary » After the death of his older brother, Giuseppe "The Guppy" Calzone (Kevin Mc Donald) becomes head of the Calzone Mob Family.His aging father (Dom De Luise) knows his son is not cut out for the job, so he sends him to "Mafia University." The head of a rival Mafia Family (Rodney Dangerfield) sees this an opportunity to strike and bring the Calzone Family to its knees.

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Jinnah believed that Muslim-Hindu unity in India was possible, but over the years the relationship between the Hindu and Muslim communities had deteriorated to such a point that he reluctantly accepted that the best way to protect the rights of Indian -uslims was through partition.

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